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Thread: Alarm at new climate warning

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    Alarm at new climate warning

    Temperatures around the world could rise by as much as 11C, according to one of the largest climate prediction projects ever run.
    This figure is twice the level that previous studies have suggested.

    Scientists behind the project, called, say it shows that a "safe" upper limit for carbon dioxide is impossible to define.

    The results of the study, which used PCs around the world to produce data, are published in the journal Nature. is run from Oxford University, and is a distributed computing project; rather than using a supercomputer to run climate models, people can download software to their own PCs, which run the programs during downtime.

    More than 95,000 people have registered, from more than 150 countries; their PCs have between them run more than 60,000 simulations of future climate.

    Each PC runs a slightly different computer simulation examining what happens to the global climate if levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere double from pre-industrial levels - which may happen by the middle of the century.

    What vary most between the simulations are the precise nature of physical processes like the extent of convection within tropical clouds - a process which drives the transport of heat around the world.

    Lowest rise

    So no two simulations will produce exactly the same results; overall, the project produces a picture of the possible range of outcomes given the present state of scientific knowledge.

    The lowest rise which finds possible is 2C, ranging up to 11C.

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    Re: Alarm at new climate warning

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    I rise of 3C threatens Eastern and possibly western Europe with Malaria, as well as the Southern US.

    A rise of 11C would see Malaria spread as far north as Canada. Other tropical disease such as dengue fever would also spread much further north.

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