We all hope for a long and healthy life however this lady was heading for a double life when she passed away aged 122 years young. How long would you like to live for? I think after reaching the century youv'e had a fare innings.
Jeanne Calment at the age of 85, she took up fencing. At 100, she was still riding a bicycle. Jeanne lived on her own until shortly before her 110th birthday, when her cooking caused an accidental fire in her apartment and it was decided that she needed to be moved to a nursing home. However, Jeanne was still in good shape, and was able to walk until a fall at age 114 years and 11 months. Jeanne survived a hip operation in January 1990 to become the oldest verified surgery patient. Although she needed to use a wheelchair afterward, Jeanne remained talkative and received frequent visitors until her 122nd birthday, at which time it was finally decided that her health status had declined and warranted privacy. Indeed, it was said by Jean-Marie Robine that this "allowed her to die", because the attention had kept her going. Jeanne Calment died five months later