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Thread: Jewish Humanism

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    Re: Jewish Humanism

    Quote Originally Posted by xyz View Post
    Allegorically, yes.
    When you say that the kangaroos on Noah’s ark were only there in an allegorical sense, xyz, this means that there were no kangaroos physically present on it at all. The kangaroos you refer to are just make believe kangaroos - fantasy ones - aren’t they?

    Is there anything else in the Bible which is just allegorical like the kangaroos above?

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    Re: Jewish Humanism

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glaswegian View Post
    When you say
    Can you not see, Glaswegian, that you do no more than demonstrate a great need for your moral improvement? You have had one more answer than you deserve in this thread.

    If you wish to discover how Judaism deals with the Bible, there are plenty of websites available, to say nothing of synagogues.

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