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Thread: Just For Kicks (END-GAME) Who Cares Enough To Watch And Comment?

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    Just For Kicks (END-GAME) Who Cares Enough To Watch And Comment?

    Just for kicks I wanted to post this video in here because it has everything to do with the economy and the North American Union, ect.

    I just want to see how many people on this board will actually take the time to watch this entire video, from start to finish, and then comment on what they thought about it.

    It's more like an experiment. How many people will actually watch, even if they end up disagreeing with it. It's a little over 2 hours long (About the time it takes to watch any movie at a movie-theatre).

    I understand that there will be instances where a person wants to watch but doesn't have a fast enough connection. In that case the person can either go to the local library to watch it, or an internet cafe for the day ($4-6 I think to watch the entire video). Not gonna break the bank.

    So in the end, if 0 people from this board did not care enough to watch the video, than that's fine, I will still have learned alot from this experiment.

    By the way, please let me know if the link is not working for someone. I will correct the problem immediately.

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    Re: Just For Kicks (END-GAME) Who Cares Enough To Watch And Comment?

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    Truth-bringer,,,,I have been wondering if any on this forum could possibly even wonder if anything other than what's being told on mainstream media is happening in this country,, most of these people seem unable to climb out of their own perspectives to even try and grasp why someone or something might be running a game on them.. I'm about to give up on them,,,

    I've seen Alex Jones,, I know what he's trying to accomplish,, exposing the people of wealth that are trying to destroy the American Dream for most of us,,,

    I truly believe the war on the middle class is just the beginning,,

    I admire anyone who is at least trying to understand this country,,,and this world.
    The agendas of some in Government is being ignored by a majority of Americans,
    I think pretty soon it will all be obvious to everyone,,but alas,, as always,, that's usually when it's too late to stop,,

    Tell em all what you think,,about these subjects,, all I can say is

    America had better wake up!

    I hereby invite you take an unprecedented look at the world in which you live. I invite you to take a long look at the hidden master plan that warps the courses and destinies of the world’s greatest men, countries and religions. I invite you to look beyond the headlines, beyond the cable news, and beyond the fear and suspicions that these sources nurture. I invite you to examine America’s greatest tragedy under a brand new light.
    I invite you to see with new eyes,
    The Real 911.

    On September 11th, 2001 two great symbols of American power were attacked in a way that was spectacular to say the least. Whether you are young or old, black or white, male or female, images from that day will undoubtedly stay with you forever. But despite the almost universal familiarity of this event, few people understand its staggering, unprecedented importance. As indelible a memory as 9/11 may have cast, its true significance is literally out of this world.

    From the very moment that I saw the demolition of the twin towers, I knew instinctively that something was wrong. Initially, I joined much of the world in my hatred for the Muslim terrorists. But I quickly realized that this was a mistake. Call it intuition, call it common sense, but like many other researchers have since concluded, I knew that buildings could not collapse into their own footprint, in perfect symmetry unless there was a specific system of explosives installed for that very purpose. Clearly, 911 went far beyond the capacity of Afghani terrorists.

    This realization set me on a virtual vendetta to find the truth. Within two months I made my first, breathtaking discovery: the three primary targets of the WTC complex were arranged in the same pattern as the pyramids of Giza! Familiar with the many inclusions of Egyptian symbolism throughout American history, (not the least of which is the one dollar bill) a virtual treasure chest of clues opened before me. I quickly began to unravel the treasonous motives and methods behind America’s greatest tragedy in a way no one else had.

    At that time, acceptance of the silly, contrived and vastly insufficient (terrorists did it) cover story was almost universal. I was almost completely alone in my assertions. Simultaneously I kept up my unrelenting vigil to understand 911 in context with ancient history and various prophecies, while also combing the Internet for more “earthly” discoveries.

    One by one, people who refused to be conned into an Orwellian slumber, began to surface. At first there were only questions and suspicions; but there were a lot of them. They were specific, intelligent questions that weren’t being addressed in any “mainstream” forum. It was quickly evident that sources that most people turned to were far from trustworthy. Monster media spin doctors like CNN and SeeBS were not only avoiding the obvious questions, they were avoiding and confusing the obvious answers.

    Slowly but surely, the evidence that the media had buried, ignored and modified began to turn up on the only really free medium left: the Internet. At last, some of those difficult questions had plausible, if uncomfortable answers. In addition to the obvious conclusion that aircraft fuel was incapable of melting structural steel, a video of a huge explosion in the vicinity of WTC 6 and 7 before either tower collapsed drew widespread attention. The picture perfect collapse of WTC seven was also caught on film proving that the fire within was vastly insufficient to destroy it. Reliable eyewitnesses like firefighters attested to hearing explosions inside the twin towers before they fell. Other video evidence showed high velocity jets of material being expelled from the towers. Some people believe these to be evidence of cutting charges, and thus a controlled demolition.

    In the wake of testimony that the Pentagon explosion was due to a truck bomb, the Pentagon(?) released an altered CCTV clip of something streaking toward it, but it wasn’t a 757. This evidence seemed to go hand in hand with air traffic control testimony that the object that struck the Pentagon performed highly sophisticated maneuvers, like a military jet or missile.

    Although a few out of context pictures of aircraft debris at the Pentagon began to turn up, the fact remained that the damage to the façade was minimal. The cover story that the aircraft had vaporized or turned to confetti had serious problems. Where were the bodies, the luggage, the engines, the robust landing gear carriages, and the reams of paperwork that invariably blankets a crash site?

    Instructors testified that the alleged hijackers were incapable of flying simple, single engine aircraft, let alone performing the high speed, expert maneuvers demonstrated on 911. None of their names were on the passenger manifests, and yet the FBI had a compelling list of the perpetrators within days, including a passport which miraculously survived the fiery holocaust that allegedly destroyed the tell all black boxes. In fact, the behavior of the alleged hijackers in the days before 911 included a drunken binge at a local strip joint. This was hardly the act of penitent Muslims on the eve of their grandiose suicide missions. Many argued that this was actually the act of men (FBI/CIA agents?) who trying to be seen, so as to confuse and mislead witnesses.

    In fact, after more than two years of worldwide 911 research, dozens of books videos, websites and two bloody wars that were allegedly conducted as retribution, the evidence linking Osama bin Laden to 911 has grown more and more feeble every day. The chasm between those who adhere to logical, realistic and scientific analysis and those who believe that the American government had nothing to do with the planning and execution of 911 has grown to a terrifying width. And worse yet, the reelection of George Bush became a grim testament to the fact that many Americans were happy to remain in the safe, murky warmth of their patriotic ignorance.

    But even with the invaluable scope and spirit of those who refuse to march blindly along with the masses, a veritable “glass ceiling” in their research also became apparent. Even the best of these researchers, even those with the most appropriate educations avoided the overwhelming and undeniable, occult root cause and the obvious theological ramifications of such involvement.

    It is from this admission forth, that The Real 911 diverges from the typical investigation. It is from here forth that we will accept the how established by dozens of other investigations, and start to ask who and why.

    The truth behind 9/11 leads us down some unexpected roads that many readers will be uncomfortable with. But when mankind finally accepts the inescapable, despicable nature of our world and admits to himself that he is powerless to change it, an inner journey is the most powerful alternative.

    The Real 911 therefore, will be of special interest to Christians, theologians and anyone else who has ever asked the biggest question of all time, “Why are we here?” Whether you fancy the creation vs. evolution debate, Christianity vs. pagans, Catholic vs. Protestant issues, the end times, or evidence for divine authorship of the Bible, The Real 911 contains research and evidence that you will find no where else.

    After nearly three years of writing, research and development, I can now warn the world of the evils that await mankind if we are not thoroughly prepared. Although terrorism is scary, mankind’s biggest enemy, revealed on September 11th 2001 is much more terrifying, and much more deadly.

    [1 Introduction] [2 The Gate Opens] [3 A War of Numbers] [4 Whore of Babylon] [5 Signature of Death] [6 If God, Which God?] [7 Life Signs] [8 Links] [Above & Beyond]

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