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Thread: The Apology

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    Re: The Apology

    50 year anniversary of the Yes vote referendom to recognise aboriginals as human beings rather than 'flaura and fauna. 96% of Australians voted Yes. This happened a couple of years before i was born but never taught about such a historic event in Australian history.
    Today children are not only taught about the truth of indigenous history but language as well. Big turn around in my lifetime, although there have been many stepbacks due to conservative politicians.

    One thing i didnt know though were the pockets of the country that voted No. Basically highly conservative/country national towns who rebuked the the premise that they would have to pay aboriginals award wages. And spat blood when land rights were suggested. But thanks to Gough Whitlam and the Mabo decision things began moving.

    And ill admit getting a back hander from my dad when i was a child because of 'talking back' when taking an opposing position about land rights....all i said was...."but its theres' isnt it"? Well he's dead now and life and events go on.

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    Re: The Apology

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    I wish this country would get on board with our "dirty little secret". Our Aboriginal peoples are all but swept under the rug and if you are a female you are stomped upon whilst under the rug. So appalling!!
    �You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.�
    ― Mae West

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