Shes going to lose everything. Her husband, the kids, the house, everything.
4 yrs ago when I found an empty Oxycontin bottle on the beach near her boat I talked to her about it but the denial was mind blowing and overwhelming. Her husband told me to butt out, I think she intimidates him.
So he swept it under the rug and now it seems to be coming to a head.
Shes been getting a free ride and its going to blow up in her face.
I told her today that theres a strong possibility she will lose her kids if they get seperated.
She denied using drugs even though the day my wife got out of surgery she called here wanting to come by and pick up some of my wifes painkillers.
The other day another doctor refused to treat her, he said she was drug seeking.
She denied this ever happened even though her husbands mom was with her and she told my wife what happened.

The call I made to her today was in the hopes the thought of losing her children (its happened before) was a real possibility, but all she could say was I was crazy and I had no idea what I was talking about.

I feel sick to my stomach, in some way I understand why her husband is a coward but I think he has a responsibility in letting this go on as long as it has.
He had an obligation to the kids to give her an ultimatum a long time ago.
I cant pursue this anymore because shes fiercely protecting her drug use.
Shes convinced I dont understand whats really going on so she pretends like its not real.

I havent seen her not stoned more than a handful of times in the last years but shes very clever in her denial and so Im second guessing myself but Im fighting that. I know Im right.

I dont have the heart to be the one to have the knock down drag out fight its going to be. Anyway I guess she just might have to lose the kids and get well or she wont have to buy cough syrup to pretend anymore, shell be free to just start drinking again and die.