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Thread: what do you remember about the 70's?

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    Re: what do you remember about the 70's?

    WOW!! Awesome list, you just sent me back to the seventies BIG time with your list!

    The scene in convoy where they blow up the bridge is the ONLY part of that whole movie that I remembered from WAY back when until I watched it recently with the boys.

    Awesome list...and I liked Keith too, from the Partridge family, even though he was a bit conceited, Danny was the brains of the operation though!

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    Re: what do you remember about the 70's?

    Quote Originally Posted by RedGlitter View Post
    Hey Wendy....when they blow up the bridge in Convoy? That was done here. It was the Needles California bridge connecting California to Arizona. We all went down and watched them make that scene. I think I was maybe 12.

    Going down to "Licorice Pizza" and buying RECORDS (LPs) for $2.99.

    The dingbat you put inside the 45 rpm to make it stay on the 33 rpm record spindle.

    My first platform shoes with the red and yellow embroidered flowers on the wedge part.

    Yes...the Bay City Rollers. S! A! TUR! DAY! NIGHT! NIGHT!

    The Partridge Family and how much I was in love with Danny. My mom preferred Keith. I thought Keith was fruity.

    Getting our Weekly Reader in school.

    The meat shortage. Some assh*le stole my pet duck.

    The gas shortage. My dad owned a service station and I'd cry when people would get mad at him for not selling them gas on the even or odd numbered day.

    Stretch Armstrong

    How big the Bicentennial was.

    How much I cried when Elvis died. I loved Elvis. I papered every wall in my room with him.

    Farrah Fawcett and that damned nipple poster that every guy in my class wanted.

    The Bee Gees


    Satin disco shirts

    Satin jackets

    Olivia Newton John

    Sylvania Flash Cubes

    Polaroid film

    Doing "The Hustle" and "The Bump" with my friends

    8 tracks. How after a while they'd play "loose" and start to warble and you'd have to fold up a matchbook and stick it in the slot to take up the slack.

    "Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific"

    Ayds Diet Candy

    LCD crystal watches! All my cousins had them. They were black until you pushed the button then the red numbers would come up

    Magic 8 Ball

    Pinball machines! I still love them.

    Elton John being cool.

    Sea & Ski suntan lotion and that smell it had.

    The yummy way gas used to smell before they did stuff to it.

    White or pink frosted lipstick

    Kissing Potion Roll-On Lip Gloss

    Instamatic pocket cameras


    Pocket Fisherman by Ronco

    Watergate pre-empting all my cartoons!

    Those big spinning display platforms car dealerships used.

    Pop machines where you put your quarter in, opened up the door and pulled the pop out by the bottleneck and sometimes you'd have to brace your foot on the machine and yank real hard.

    RC Cola in the tall-neck returnable bottles

    Pop Rocks

    "Hey! Let's get Mikey! He won't eat it! He hates everything. Hey Mikey! He likes it!" (Life cereal)

    Watching Wild Kingdom, Disney and 60 Minutes with my parents on Sunday and how I'd try so hard to drag out those last hours because I didn't want to go back to school.


    Astro Pops, the Mexican suckers

    ice cream truck

    digital clocks coming out

    I love this thread.
    Going to school with feathered hair and a big plastic comb in my back pocket

    Dittos jeans with the butt seam

    Earth shoes

    Pet rocks

    I loved my stretch armstrong...was one of my fav toys.

    When they brought out stretchy Homer last year and my daughter asked for it for xmas it brought back all my great memories of playing with armstrong so I couldnt wait to buy it her. Damned thing got a hole in its nipple on xmas day after one stretch and has gel stuff oozing out. Bring back the quality of the 70's

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    Re: what do you remember about the 70's?

    So many here bringback some wonderful old memorie.

    One of my favorites was rollerskating to disco every weekend...I met my first boyfriend there...

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    Re: what do you remember about the 70's?

    Rotary phones

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    Re: what do you remember about the 70's?

    the tv stations shutting down at the end of the night

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    Re: what do you remember about the 70's?

    End of Viet Nam War

    Graduating from high school, one of the boys going off to 'Nam. He didn't return.

    Going to college for the first time

    Getting Married

    Having my first child

    Hard economic times.

    Gas lines.

    Rising food prices.

    Mixed with:

    Star Wars

    End of the space program for awhile

    Disco music, and learning to play rock and roll forever

    Lots of sitcoms-some were very good back then

    Growing up into an adult (still a process)

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    Thumbs up Re: what do you remember about the 70's?

    Lot of great stuff here. Pardon any duplications but what comes to mind for me offhand:

    Star Wars, Jaws, Godfather, Smokey/Bandit

    Sesame St (and later, the Muppet Show - Henson was a genius)
    All in the Family, MTM, Newhart all in a row
    Brady Bunch, Partidges, Room 222, Odd Couple, and Love American Style all in a row
    Happy Days
    Dad being big into the "detective shows" (Mannix, Cannon)
    3 stooges
    Star Trek
    in fact what a huge deal getting cable was!

    heydey of the Dolphins, Steelers, Cowboys, Vikes, Rams

    Great great rock and pop, some of artists big into included Doobies, Eagles, Billy Joel, Yes, and played the #$@! out of Frampton Live (still best live album ever). And how much I hated disco but love it now I could list a zillion artists here, including a lot of 1-hit wonders.....
    Also 8 tracks, and then recording albums to cassettes and how great that was
    Also how big into good quality stereo components we were! Now nobody cares

    board games (no electricity, love it) eg battleship, life, payday, piggly wiggly etc
    just making up games in the backyard
    (for the girls) that betty crocker "play" oven
    the football game where you put the little records in to hear the play, or the ones where you flicked a little spring-action ball to determine the outcome
    "incredible edibles"
    lite bright
    toy soldiers

    platform shoes
    silk print shirts
    "mesh" athletic T shirts
    thigh-high tube socks w/the colored stripes
    longer hair
    adidas sneaks w/the 3 or 4 stripes down the middle
    those hiking boots, they were brown seude with red/white laces
    girls w/those shoes that were waterproof, blue and tan sorta looks like clogs

    pop rocks
    bottle caps
    coke in glass bottles
    soda dispensers where the styrofoam cup dropped down and stuff poured in (for a dime)
    cereal like count chocula, freakies, and about 100 diff kinds of capn crunch. oh and my fav quake, which they quit making the #$#@!s.

    my first camera, a kodak pocket 110
    that Farrah poster also the Cheryl Tiegs one
    comic books
    jr. high dances and what a big deal it seemed like then (the pressure)
    "feathered" haircuts
    those hokey ads and catalogues you send away for (see them in magazines of comics) to get gimmicky stuff - one I remember was called the Johnson Smith company

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    Re: what do you remember about the 70's?

    Got divorced in '78. After that, lots of pissant jobs, bar fights, GF's. I hated the '70's.

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    Re: what do you remember about the 70's?

    I hated disco

    grateful Dead.

    Gas prices doubling in a matter of days.

    'nam sucked.

    'nam over.

    TV sucked,
    Pop music sucked,

    Jack Daniels and I got along really well.
    The next thing I knew it was the eighties.
    "The trouble with people isn't that they don't know, but that they know so much that ain't so." - Will Rogers
    "Truth isn't Truth" - Rudy Giuliani

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    Re: what do you remember about the 70's?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoppy View Post
    Got divorced in '78. After that, lots of pissant jobs, bar fights, GF's. I hated the '70's.
    Just for one I wholeheartedly agree with you. I hated the seventies.


    1997 Tony Blairthen gordon brown

    If I'd only known how happy I was.

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