source sky news

cctv camera may be used to impose parking fines under new propsals due to come in next monday.
councils will have the power to use video footage to hand out fines where it is deemed impractiable for a traffic warden to issue one in person.
traffic wardens can issue a parking fine without actually putting a ticket on your windscreen to discourage motorists from speeding off to avoid parking fines.
where drivers are not given a parking fine on the spot penalty notices are to be sent by post.
parking fines are to be banded £40-50 for less serious offences and £60-70 for more serious offences.
this comes with warnings that it could make it more difficult for motorists to appeal against unfair parking fines.
there are a few schools of thought on this.
firstly it is just another excuse for greedy councils to mug us for more money.
or is it a bid to replace traffic wardens with cctv operators doing the traffic wardens job?
old lady just been mugged got the suspect on camera oh hold on that cars parked on double yellow lines thats another £50 oh dear we,ve lost the suspect.
cctv was originaly put up for crime prevention and catch criminals.
its now being used to catch motorists who commit parking offences.
go for the easy targets eh.