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Thread: What people think

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    Re: What people think

    Quote Originally Posted by lostidentity View Post
    i havent been out of my flat in 9 days,1st time was today i waited till dark ran to the nearest shop, for some bread and Milk .
    3 people saw me that was enough, i looked at no one.

    my fear is im getting worse by the day, and can also feel my phyisical health getting worse, some of you no my problems and may understand a little.

    other who have never experienced this recognised illness can never understand
    it becomes to be on your mind 24hrs aday..the fear of what people may think

    i dont think ill be going back out for a while.
    what are you so afraid of?

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    Re: What people think

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    I agree with Red, for me it took39 years, I am now 41 , god doesnt make junk, therefore , you shouldnt feel embarassed, or insecure, I really think it is a small person who does that crap anyway.

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