Hotly Debated Abortion Bill Passed in Mississippi

The Sun Herald, Biloxi, Miss.
Michael Newsom March 28, 2008

Anti-abortion measures were added to House Bill 520 when it reached the Senate. The House bill was designed to create penalties for false reports of child abuse.

A Senate amendment offered by Sen. Alan Nunnelee, R-Tupelo, requires doctors to keep DNA samples from fetuses born to mothers who are 14 years old and under to determine paternity to help catch those who sexually abuse children. Physicians who violate the law could be fined up to $10,000 with five years in prison.

In the case of a minor who obtains an abortion without both parents' or a legal guardian's consent, the bill gives the minor and the guardians the right to sue those who helped get the abortion. The bill also requires doctors, clergy and other professionals who learn of a case that could involve sexual abuse of a minor to report it within 48 hours.


Seems like excellent ideas to me. Your thought?