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Thread: ForumGarden's prediction regarding this so-called Global Warming crisis

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    Re: ForumGarden's prediction regarding this so-called Global Warming crisis

    It can get rowdy at times, but it's usually in response to really dumb answers from politicians.

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    Re: ForumGarden's prediction regarding this so-called Global Warming crisis

    It is about time somebody realised theseverity of our present situation on this planet. I feel that whilst the Chinese belch pollutants into the sky, and the Philipines and South America burn down all our essential trees, there is absolutely no hope for the human race to survive.

    It is the greed of businesses. It is the desperate greed for money and damn the rest. I believe that this corrupt human race deserves to perish, to suffocate and rot in its filthy greedy arrogant cess pit it has created over the centuries. True, it will take us all - the innocent along with the guilty perpetrators.

    But, as those who have common sense realise (and have been warning the heads of governments for decades ) we have left it too late. We should have rebelled decades ago, but so many people were in denial. Governments will be too lilly livered to bother. I really don't think there is anybody in any Government in any country on this planet who has the balls to stand up and risk being assasinated by some hitman hired by some huge Global Company, to demand that industry must not use finite fuels for their power. They could use wave power, solar power, wind turbines. But they will all turn round and say that to change the type of fuel would be too costly, take too long to organise, and so it will go on.

    I, personally, will be long gone from this mortal coil. But in years to come, maybe your grand children, or perhaps if we're lucky, their children will sit on a park bench in the setting sunlight and cry, as they scan slowly the miles of desert that once was verdant grass and beautiful tall trees with fields beyond presenting swaying acres of golden corn. Think on, remember the drought periods of our UK summers - how quickly the grass turned light brown through lack of water. That happened in a period of a few sun scorched weeks. It is no exaggeration that our once healthy agricultural land would in comparatively short time, become barren and lifeless.

    I really don't know what the answer is to try to stop this terrible prospect. I think it could mean mass rioting against the various governments as it's obvious that they don't take notice of peaceful rallies ! The public needs to be a lot more forceful.
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    Re: ForumGarden's prediction regarding this so-called Global Warming crisis

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    I'm getting quite annoyed at the cobblers emitted by the BBC in response to The State of Nature 2019 report.

    The State of Nature report shows, in grim detail, that almost one in five plants are classified as being at risk of extinction, along with 15% of fungi and lichens, 40% of vertebrates and 12% of invertebrates.
    This is beyond mere clumsiness. On Radio 4 it's been explicitly interpreted as worldwide extinction as opposed to the loss of the UK as a habitat for each species, and one commentator used the word "mammals" where the report has "vertebrates". The State of Nature report itself uses "extinction" for this level of UK habitat loss and it's an abuse of language, they do themselves no favors by promoting such hysteria.

    Summarising these results
    by the main higher taxonomic
    groups, 440 plants (18%), 232 fungi
    and lichens (15%), 111 vertebrates
    (40%) and 405 invertebrates (12%)
    are classified as being at risk of
    extinction from Great Britain.
    In addition, there are species
    in each group that are known
    to have gone extinct from
    Great Britain already: 32 plants
    (1.2%), 33 fungi and lichens
    (1.8%), seven vertebrates (2.4%)
    and 61 invertebrates (1.6%).
    A breakdown of all-Ireland
    I like unbiased reporting. I like unbiased fact summaries and unbiased statistics. I am left feeling I've had none of that, either from the report or from the BBC.

    The link text on the BBC News website says "More than a quarter of UK mammals face extinction" which is quite simply an outright naked clickbait lie.

    I'd also be interested to know how many of the "known to have gone extinct from Great Britain already: seven vertebrates" in the report are still alive elsewhere in the world. I would put money on all. Perhaps they could then modify their house style to only use "extinction" in its universally recognized sense of no remaining instances on the planet. Is this species, for example, they could ask themselves, in the same category of aliveness as the Dodo.
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