I could see this guy walking from door to door in the neighborhood Saturday.
So, I run and make a sign real quick - sign read :
No Soliciting 5/24/08
Don't Bother - Won't Buy - Don't disturb
I hurry and hang this outside next to my front door.

Up walks the salesman - so I hurry and go to my Spy Hole in the front door.
Out comes the Salesmans Cell Phone & he's laughing...
I fly open the front door - scared the salesman, he nearly dropped his cell phone.

I said - your going to take a picture of that ? Salesman chuckles - yeh, I've never seen anything quite like it. He took his picture & as he was walking away laughing, he was calling someone & laughing all the way.

I never thought of what kind've reaction I was going to get - too funny.

I know - my husband calls me a brat..

What do you do for fun ?