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Thread: Your help with a new TV Programme

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    Your help with a new TV Programme

    My name is Michelle and I work for a television production company in London called Ricochet. Our programmes include "Super Nanny" and "No Going Back," and we are currently working on a new project about dogs with behaviour problems. We are offering their owners a series of free training sesssions with one of the world's top trainers and behaviourists. The show is essentially like "Super Nanny," but for dogs.

    If you or anyone you know has a dog who is naughty, has strange habits, is upsetting the family, disrupting the home, etc, we'd love to hear from you. Family must have children!

    For more information, call Chris or Dan on 0207 251 6966 or email

    Thanks for your help!

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    My dog is not bad enough to take you up on your offer

    Now if you were doing a show on world's most beautiful cats my cat would qualify.

    And if your ever looking for great bands there are a couple in colorado that I keep plugging on these forums.


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