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Thread: I'm in a mess.....

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    Re: I'm in a mess.....

    thanks for your brave posts buddy

    i went to the doctors soon after reading your story

    i told him how much pain i was in and i started taking some tablets ,the pain is much better now

    the tablets have a few side affects so after chrimbo i'll go back and try some other

    so wopster thanks buddy

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    Re: I'm in a mess.....

    best wishes Woppy and hope you have a great Christmas and New Year!

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    Re: I'm in a mess.....

    Best wishes for the merriest of Christmases, for you & your family Woppy, as well as a very happy New Year!!!
    Keep up the good work, you're headed in the right direction!
    <"LIFE is SHORT, Make the most of it!!!" GET OUTTA HERE!>
    <Love living Large!>
    <Home is where you're treated the best, but complain the most!>

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    Re: I'm in a mess.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by woppy71 View Post
    What wonderfull people you all are!

    I am feeling a little better and have started to do some of the things again that I used to enjoy. I am also implementing some ways to organise my time better, so hopefully I wont be getting so stressed all the time. I'm also learning to say "No" some of the time, which has certainly helped! LOL!

    I'm looking forward to Christmas, especially as i have the night off, the first xmas night off in ages!
    Glad to hear it Woppy

    Hope you and your family have a good christmas and best wishes for 2009

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