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Thanks everyone for the fantastic welcome - it's good to see you all (well read you all)

Thanks for the kind offer Kathy, you are such a kind and caring person - I bet all your children at school adore you.
It's like being back at school myself, I get up at 5am every morning and work through the lessons for the day. Josh is cyber-schooling, but I still have to mark his work and make sure he fully understands it, which means I have to understand it too It's a challenge esp. the science and math - I didn't think much of these lessons when I was at school .... oh well at least I am getting a chance to learn the things I slept through when I was there
I am learning a lot of US history from both Josh and Lucy's social studies, so at least now I understand what my friends here are talking about ..... well sometimes anyway - I don't think they will ever understand my sense of humour though

Spot, I'm doing good - thanks for asking. I was a little concerned about you when I saw how many female moderators FG now has. Are they being nice to you (pheasy imagines Spot pulling his hair out over a gin and tonic in the moderators lounge ).

Oh well, I'm off to read jj's 'getting you into bed thread' - nothing much changed there then

Thanks again for the great welcoming back.

PS Whats this tagging thing all about?

Tag your IT