I was disappointed when the Republicans grabbed the consumption tax issue. It's an attempt by the party to make the Republicans look like the tax fairness party and it might work.

There would still be tax evasion with a consumption tax but audits would be much easier and there would be zero loopholes, something Democrats write into the Code as often as Republicans.

Contrary to popular belief, a consumption tax would not eliminate the need for an IRS and compliance enforcement but IRS would be a different, less dangerous animal. That might appeal to a lot of voters.

I favor a liberal consumption tax with rebates for people who are in the income brackets that currently don't pay income tax and cash credits for middle-class taxpayers for child care, health care, and education.

There are convincing arguments against a consumption tax but I believe it would drastically cut tax evasion which would help us avoid deficit spending.

If you're middle class, you wont want to go with a conservative consumption tax plan. Get the details!