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this world is solid full of false prophets millions and millions of them , about every man on your TV saying come to Jesus dont know Jesus .

The real church gets its power scattered in the end of this age , its a sign of the end coming the scattering of the power of the holy people.

Yes there will be real prophets in the future REv 11 clearly tells us this , the trouble the earth is so decieved by false prophets the real prophets will ne hated by all men and will be much celabration as they are put to death.

When Jesus returns he will have 2 men burnt up , one is known as the beast who is a world leader most likely the leader of a end time united europe . The other known as the false prophet I figure is the last Pope . All popes are not from God ,but the end time ones looks like he will have great power and will do great miricles to decieve the whole earth . The false prophet helps this end time leader come to power , the guy will be worse then hitler .

The last kindom to rule the earth will be 10 families of the earth giving power to one man . In daniels vission its Iron mixed with Clay . Iron equals strong peoples . the clay that holds them together = False religion . 10 catholic nations will form the beast . The last pope should have power .

The real prophets will be much hated and dispised ..............THE WHOLE WORLD IS THAT DECIEVED !

As it was in Noahs day , so shall it be . in noahs day only one had it right. Its going to be a small number not decieved .

First off the false prophet is Moses...
1. he was the one that CREATED jewish law. Jewish law was the very thing that got Jesus killed and is the reason Jesus died.
2. Moses talks of a vengeful god that lives by the sword (such as...Killing the first born of ever child even if that child had NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING GOD JUST KILLS THEM ALL LIKE AN EVIL PERSON, also Moses has the Canaanites killed with every man WOMEN AND CHILD and they were put to the sword as per Moses saying that its gods design/wishes)!
3. Jesus talks of a Merciful god who dose not live be the sword and is forgiving. Jesus's views contradict Moses's views so either Jesus is right and Moses is wrong on Gods word or Moses is right and Jesus is wrong!

Jesus spoke against Moses's word(jewish law) proving that Moses was wrong and lied to Gods people. This is why Jews dont believe in Jesus and reject him today because they believe Moses was right and Jesus was wrong.

SECOND...Revelations is about Jesus's coming to be killed on the cross and has NOTHING to do with a second coming.
1. Peter comes into Jesus's service through a vision. This vision becomes known as the Revelation of Peter...or Book of Revelations!
2. In this book Peter does NOT recognize this man as a lamb slain as it says in revelations. Why doesnt Peter just say that its Jesus instead of saying that it appears to be a man as a lamb slain if he has already meet Jesus?
3. the angel tells Peter that...He...is coming quickly, and in peter's case that is true because he later meets this lamb to be slain...Jesus and does not mean that He is coming quickly for the readers sake....People get confused with that one because there not careful with what they are reading.
4. Armageddon in revelations is a greek word and it means a great war in ancient greek! its does NOT mean the end of the world nor does it mean the war to end all wars. The greeks called there war with the Persians to be an Armageddon(a great war).
5. Apocalypse also does not mean the end of the world in ancient greek. It means a revelation. The original name for the book of revelations was called " The Apocalypse of Peter" into what is known today as "The Revelation of Peter".
6. Have you ever wondered why Peter is so protective of Jesus?...its because when he saw Jesus he know that the man as a lamb slain was the same man as Jesus. Ever since then he has said things like "i will fallow you even to death" and was even putting up a fight to protect jesus. He has aways been VERY protective of Jesus if you pay attention. Peter does NOT want Jesus to die as HIS REVELATION from a angel told him he would.
7. It is said in the prophecy that the Messiah would come to earth and bring his fathers kingdom to earth and take the throne. THAT HAS ALREADY HAPPEN! Revelations talks about the Messiah getting killed and why in a coded(symbolism) vision. There is...NOTHING... about a second coming anywhere in the PROPHECY or in the bible itself.
8. The idea of a second coming that is said to happen came from the 1800's by a women who said she had a dream of Jesus telling her that he is coming again and people started to translate revelations that way and forgetting or unclear of the things that i mentioned above.

There is only one coming of Jesus as per the PROPHECY told from the every beginning!