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Thread: Helicopters In Ancient Egypt ( Fact Or Fiction ???? )

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    Question Helicopters In Ancient Egypt ( Fact Or Fiction ???? )

    How Would You Feel If You Found Out That The Ancient Egyptians Had Helicopters , Flying Saucers And Other Flying Machines ? Then How Would It Make You Feel To Know That Your Government Knew This . But Never Told You . That Man In Flight Had Existed For Many Thousands Of Years Before The Modern Days Government That Misuse These Science Ever Existed . Well , Don'r Be Shocked , For It Has Been Proven Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt That The Ancient Egyptian Who Taught The Mayans And The AztecsFlew In Craft , Had Electricity , Gold Plated . Wore Glasses . Brewed Beer . It Has Been Found And Confirmed That None Of The Sciences That We Consider ADVANCEMENTS ARE NEW. And In Fact Television Is A Machine That Is Acting The Part Of Clairvoyance , Or What's Called Remote Viewing . And That Radio Communication Is No More Than The Ability Of A Mystic Or An Egyptian.

    Priest To Tap In To An Indivual's Etheric Wavelength And Receive Messages . The Present Day Media Has Saturated The Television With Psychics . In Every Religion They Are Mentioning SORCERERS , SEERS , TAROT READERS , SOOTHSAYERS , They Constantly Repeat On Many Programs Human Beings , With What They Refer To As Supernatural Abilities . Unsolved Mysteries , Sightings, UFO Diaries , Just To Name A Few, Where They Daily Cover The Media With Incidents That They Can't Explain . Example , Awoman GetsIn A Car Accident With Her Child Beside Her , The Child Is Thrown From The Car . Hits The Pavement , The Vehicle Is Thrown Over . , AndLandOn The Child , The Mother In Panic , Doesn't

    Know What To Do . She Has No Cell Phone And No OneTo Help Her . She Taps In To A Latent Power And Literally Lifts . The Vehicle From Her Child . This Has Been Done Over And Over Again . How She Does It , Modern Day Scientists Don't Know . A Person Falls From A Six Story Building . Hits The Ground , Get Up AndWalks Away Without A Bruise , How? Scientists Can't Explian It . A Man In New York Working On An Electrical Pole . All Of The Sudden He Received A Tremendous Shock . He's Taken To The Hospital . To Find That He'sBeen Hit With High Voltage , Check The Pole That He Was Working On . Find No Fault Or Error . Later It's Discovered That He's A Twin , That He Never Knew Anything About , Who Also Happens To Grow Up And Become An Electrician , Who's Working On An Electrical Pole At The Exact Same Time , And He Is Electrocuted . These Are Actual Stories . I Can Go On , But Those Who Control Or Seek To Control The Minds Of People . So That They Would Conform To Accepting An Inferiority Position In Life . So That They Would Conform To Being Just A Mortal And Not Seek To Develop Their Laten Powers . Being

    Related Directly To Supernatural Beings Who May Have Come From Beyond The Stars To This Planet And Bred With Humans , Returned And Left The Humans Gods, Who Possess Superior Powers To The Normal . They May Portray This To You In A Movie , Like Superman To Take Your Attention Off The Possibility Of It Being Real . But As The The Tablets Of Sumeria Are Being Translated And The Writing On The Walls Of Egypt , The Truth Is Coming Out , That Many Human Being Who Walk The Earth Today Are Direct Descendants Of The Egyptian Deities And That These Powers Are There , Merely Waiting To Be Tapped Into .

    They Can't Explain How The Pyramids Were Built And What They Were Used For . Then You Have The Great Lines Of Nazea That Can Only Be Seen By Crafys Flying Above . This Also Can Go On . They Do Not Want You To Peak Into The Realities Of Your Mind AndReddevelop Your Divine Consciousness Or Bring Your Powers To The Forefront Of Your Mind . Which Will Reflect In Your Body And Through Your Body . Thus , Revealing Your Superiority . This Is One Reason Why They Fear Voo - Doo , And Yoruba Of Africa . They Know That The Ancient Africans Were Able To Tap In Through Their Blood To Their Ancestors Who Have By Western Standards Died And ..

    Gone . But This Does Not Apply To The People Of Soul . They Never Die And Are Capable Of Being Contacted As Easily As Knowing The Right Telephone Number For Communication For Some One From America And Australia . Re-ligion ; Be It . Judaism . Christianity , Or Islam Is Bent On Cutting Off This Connection By Giving You A False Connection . Its Beent On Having You Throw Mental Powers Off Into Space At Nothingness , Rather Than Learning To Mind Link With Your Great Ancestors Of Ancient Egypt Are Re-herit The Secrets Best Kept Sacred From The Human Beast For So Long . They Will Not Be Able To Keep This From You Any Longer . For The Ancient Once Are Manifesting Facts Undisputtable Daily . And They Will Not Be Able To End Thewir Programs In Success With The Simple Statement . We Will Never Know . Implementing Us With Themselves , When In Fact You Will Know And Are Learning Right Now . This Heliopter Discovered In The Pyramids On The Wall Is Just One More Confirmation Of Your Ancestor's Divinity . How Can Anyone Who Has Been To Egypt And Seen The Wonderful Intrcately Detailed Hieroglyphics Cut With Amazing Precision In Granite And Diorite Statues , That Tower 15ft . Above An Average Man . Propose That This Work Done By Bashing

    The Granite With A Round Ball ? This Is What They Would Like You To Believe . When In Fact They Don't Believe That Themselfs . They Next To Never Ask The Advice Of A Stone Cutter . Or A Quarried , About The Pyramids . In Egypt . The Hieroglyphics Are Amaazingly Precise With Grooves That Are Square And Deeeper Than They Are Wide . They Follow Precise Contours And Some Have Grooves That Run Paralled To Each Others With Only .030 Inch Wide Wall Between The Grooves .
    Throughout History There Have Been Many Common Myths And Legends Of Flying Machines Or Devices , The Familar Flying Carpets Of Ancient Arabia ;Biblical Figures Such As Ezekie And Solomon Flying From Place To Place , And The Magical Chariots Etc .. These Myths And Legends Would Have Probably Remained As Such In The Minds Of Many ; But Not For Long . In South Cairo In Abydos , At The Seti 1 Ancient Egyptian Temple , Scientist And Archeologist Have Discovered Wall Carving Of GUESS WHAT ? ..There A Pictures On The Wall's In Egypt That LQQk Like Modern Military Helicopters . Tanks Jets Aircrafts And What Some Suggest -A Satelite Dish , And Submarine All Existed In Ancient

    Egypt Which Makes The Mind Bolter Of Today A FACT ! Yes There Were Helicopters In Ancient Egypt . So Much For The Legends !
    If God Is The First And The Last , Who Established His Time Zone & What Was It Base Upon ? To Address It Based O The Alpha Omega Theory , If Believers Believe

    Their God , Be It Jehovah , Allah , Or Theos To Be The First And The Last , This Would Be The Foundation For Their Laws Of Time . Even Though Your Holy Book Establishes . Time After Their God Was Already Here When It States In Genesis 1;14 And I Quote '' And GodSaid , Let There Be Light In The Firmament Of The Heaven To Divide The Day From TheNight ; And Let Be For Signs, And For Seasons , And For Days And Years ;

    At This Point In The Bible , Time Is Being Established By Lights In The Firmament . The Hebrew Word Used For Firmament Is Raqeeya / Raw - Kee -Ah Meaning ''' The Skies '' . They Are Moon , And The Stars . As It States In Genesis 1 ; 16 And I Quote ; And God Made Two Great Lights ; The Greater Light To Rule The Day , And The Lesser Light To Rule The Night ; He Made The Stars Also '' , So It Is Plain To See That Time Existed Before The Creation Of Time In The Bible , And Even Genesis 4 ; 3 Adds The Word Time , When In Fact In The Hebrew , The Word Yowm Is There For Day . What I Am Saying Is Based On The Bible . There Is No Accurate Calculation Of Time .

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