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Un patriotic...
Im not sure I even know what that means.
When a citizen finds wrong within the country its his/her perogative to speak out.
I love the United States. Im proud to be an American.
At the same time Im frequently disappointed or outraged by some of our actions.
We have many faults and weve done some bad things, things many of us are ashamed of.
Politics, its such a dirty game and good people do bad things while playing the game.
I can love my country and disagree with my country in the same breath.
I honor the core of our intentions and despise our leaders when we go astray.
Someone such as the person you quoted very likely loves his country as well.
Perhaps thats why he screams so loudly when he finds hes been deceived or our elected officials have broken the sacred trust bestowed upon them.
I love what my country tries to stand for. We fail, we use poor judgement, we are divided down the middle not in our love for country but in how to achieve our goals. For every one of me that thinks protest is a duty theres another that will call me un patriotic and welcome me to renounce my citizenship.
I applaud a citizen that shouts for justice in an unjust world.
Ditto to farmer Giles.... well said.