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I was hoping that would come out in the conversation. What's your view?
For abortion I would say it is the woman's choice and the right to choose shouldn't be taken away from her. It's not a black and white issue though is it. In the UK the debate tends to be a bit more clinical without the religious frenzy you get in the states.

Mercy killing-depends what you mean. Doctors in the past used to take the decision to turn off life support machines when they judged there was no brain activity and the decision was theirs, is that mercy killing? Now it's a big issue-was there not a big stooshie about such a case in the states? If a baby is so badly

Is mercy killing simply not providing medical assistance and keeping the body alive in such a case or a non-resuscitation decision when the person is elderly? It's a grey area I think. If for instance you have a relative who is completely senile are they actually still alive? Is signing an instruction not to resuscitate agreeing to a mercy killing. We can keep people alive beyond the point they would have died of what were natural causes not so long ago. I don't think you can make a sweeping generalisation or law about such things that covers all the angles.

Assisted suicide? personally I think I would make such a decision while I was still capable of doing it myself rather than put members of my family through such a thing. If you want to commit suicide just do it and if you know you are going to then why wait it just prolongs the inevitable. I don't see suicide as a sin though-to me it's a personal decision. If someone wants to end their life before it becomes unbearable-for them that is-then they should be able to. It's a bit harder in the UK than the US cos we can't just buy a gun and blow our brains out like they do in the states and you know jumping of a building is going to hurt and you will have time to change your mind on the way down.