for all of those asking for my results.....everything is completely normal on my mameogram!

it runs high in my family...actually extremely high.

gramma died from had a masectomy......five years later....another mastectomy.....then it came back a third time in her breast (chest)

I had it once in 2001, lump was removed, chemo and radiation.

-now they have anti-cancer fighting drugs that you can stay on much much longer than 5 years as they did years and years I will ask my surgeon next week if this is why I am so fortunate.

and for all the women here......check your breasts monthly.

I was always to afraid to.... I was extremely lucky, they caught it in time.

and thank you all for so much support before, that day and 5 days later.

what a great bunch of friends I have here!

thanks and love Joan