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Thread: 29 Million Days Lost To Drink

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    29 Million Days Lost To Drink

    HUNGOVER staff lose business £2.8billion a year - and the cost will rise with 24-hour drinking, a poll said yesterday.

    Each year, 29 million days are swallowed by sickies and slow work caused by a thick head.

    Fifty-one per cent of workers said all-day drinking would be bad for businesses.

    Shop staff said their line of work was most at risk when drinking law relaxes next year.

    More women - 35 per cent - than men - 26 per cent - said a work hangover is acceptable.

    Alcohol Concern said: "Staff who go out drinking excessively are more likely to under-perform or call in sick next day."

    Internet recruitment firm polled 8,450 workers.

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    Re: 29 Million Days Lost To Drink

    next thing you know, britain will ban alcohol, like they banned guns. let's see where that gets them - we have a bit of experience with banning booze here in the states. doesn't work. banning things doesn't work. banning actions is the only thing you can do.

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    Re: 29 Million Days Lost To Drink

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    The three Martini lunch days have been over for a long time. But alcoholism, like obesity, smoking, etc., does cost business and society a great deal of money. But, I'm afraid it's just the cost of doing business.

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