This goes hand-in-hand with the empathy quotient. Research is leading us to understand that some are strongly empathetic (more females) and some are strongly systemizing (more males). Most of this research is being done at Cambridge University in the UK.

It wasn't long ago I strongly opined that we men created things because we were unconsciously jealous of the ability of females to give life. That idea was fed to me through reading certain psychological and philosophical material. Lately I've been finding that both psychology and philosophy do a lot of intersecting with evolution; but not all. (And perhaps not in this particular case.)

It seems through the process of natural selection male and female of our species have developed differences in the brain in order to assist each other in our survival. Females to empathize and males to systemize. Males as hunters, females as gatherers.

Questions about what I've just written will undoubtedly arise and I'll do my best to answer any serious and legitimate ones posted. I'm no expert, but I'll give it my best.

So check to see how strongly you are seen as a systemizer.
Systemizing Quotient

My score was 55.

EDIT: It should not be assumed that if males find themselves as strongly empathetic and less so systemizers, that there is something wrong with them, and the same is true for females whom find they are strong systemizers and score lower than average females in empathizing.