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OK, the best comparison for understanding purposes it this:
The US civil war: A very dark time in American history, the country torn apart, North against South.
Only when the civil war was over, it was the focus of the President to form a stronger united country and to heal wounds between the North and the South.

Now, (based in the internet information) Lee surrendered on April 9th 1868. And thus the South lost the war.

Now image, every year on April 9th, hundreds of people from the Northern States, dressed up in Yankee outfits, travel to Atlanta, and marched and paraded through Atlanta celebrating their defeat. Rubbing in their face, year after year for hundreds of years their loss of the civil war.

What do you think the reaction would be in the South?

For the Canadians here, can you image hundreds of English speaking Canadians were to gather and then march through the streets of Old Quebec dressed in red coats celebrating the victory of the Planes of Abraham?
How do you think the French Canadians would take to that?

That is the parade season in Northern Ireland, the ‘Orange men’ celebrate the war between the Protestant King William 111 of Orange and the Catholic King James for control of Ireland in the 1690s.

King William won, and every year the ‘Orangemen’ march through the Catholic areas of Belfast reminding them of it. It causes problems (as it would).
I have to admit that when I read the article I was thinking pretty much what you wrote here... only I figured it to be like our KKK who insist on marching - but they're just a bunch of losers protected by the constitution.