With so many people looking at the chrystal ball wondering how they will fare in retirement the need not worry so much......

secrets-to-happy-retirement: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance

"Enough money. Of course you'll need enough money to support your chosen lifestyle in retirement. But beyond that, more money will not make you happier. The Watson Wyatt survey found that the absolute amount of money you have for retirement is less important than how your retirement income compares to your income before retirement. If you have enough to continue your pre-retirement lifestyle, you have enough."

So you see life stopped being all about money the day you stopped full time working.

I've been retired for 7 years now and have never had a better time in my whole life by not worrying about about darn money......I just always seem to have enough.

P.S. One very well kept secret is that when you retire the "cost of working" now becomes yours to spend free and clear!!!!