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Ummm... did you read the stories? the law has been on the books forever. The government person said that hanging for this offense has never been carried out. Also says that the government investigated and it appears to be women trying for revenge against a woman they don't like.

Man, talk about PMS
Not exactly forever, since Pakistan has only been a nation since 1948, after the breakup of newly independent India. I'm not so much interested in what the laws are now in Pakistan, as why the clerics went from being viewed as backward and outdated 30 to 40 years ago, and are now driving the political and social agenda. My feelings on these sorts of horror stories from the Muslim World are shaped by the way they are disingenuously used by conservatives and/or warhawks to justify the belief in Western superiority. We are motivated to feel outrage, but what good does our outrage do as long as the U.S. continues supporting the Pakistan Government and funding their armed forces? Maybe we are supposed to express a Moment of Hate for our enemy, like in George Orwell's 1984.

The story looks somewhat similar to Time Magazine's cover photo of an Afghan teenage girl who had her nose cut off for fleeing an arranged marriage. The caption stated that this was why we need to keep the war going in Afghanistan, without explaining why the Occupation was unable to prevent such abuses.