Perhaps dark energy/cosmic expansion is simply an affect of a big crunch?

Allow me to elucidate;- When a 'crunch' condenses below its Schwarzchild Radius, I propose a duality is formed, being the Lorentz Transform imaginary values associated with <Sr distances - we know time = 0 at an event horizon; therefore, beneath this boundary, t becomes a dualistic positive/negative ..... basically, the inner convergence co-manifests as a recursive, out-riding expansion. This suggests our universe may indeed be cyclic /wavicle like, and totally explains why the expansion rate is steadily increasing, as the condensing crunch would produce exponetially increasing t/ti values.

Even wilder speculation;- I believe every particle, even the humble photon may obey this simple process (implying - the universe is just another particle).

Energy convergence with regards to a photon, ultimately produces a singularity via its very own Schwarzchild radius (albeit at extremely small scale distance) i.e;- If a photons relativistic mass (hf/c^2 - yes I know photons do not possess mass!) is substituted for M in calculating a Schwarzchild Radius: 2GM/C^2. This photon, say in the visible spectrum (around 600 THz) would produce a figure of about 10^-62 meters ....... totally smaller than planck length!

The photonic cycle is one of 720 (360 positive/ 360 negative), in which convergence and expansion co-exist simultaneously. Expansion above the Sr can be thought of as the magnetic component. Similarly, condensation beneath; manifests as the electric component; thus, this duality operates with 180 phase differential, perfectly matching/describing electromagnetism, with each swapping identities @ the Sr 'boundary.

Musing on ..... your average photon cycles a tad more rapidly than our universe, say 300Ghz compared to maybe once in a trillion years - how can this be so? ..... well, it's all to do with dimensionality. With increasing dimensionality, energy is sprawled about exponentially thinner;- so what of our universe, an expanding wavefront of possibly hypertoroidal topology?;- A cosmos of high order dimensionality may have energy spread out rather sparse ..... it's energy concentration that determines frequency i.e;- low energy photons cycle slower than high ones.

Multiverse theory predicts a headsplatteringly large number of parallel universes (>10^500);- So what if our cosmos manifests as merely 1 super-positioned, self interacting wavicle of varying dimensionality/phase? ..... could it be that we're actually all part of this multiverse already?

In 1922, Ray Cummings scribed;- "Time, is what keeps everything from happening at once" .... Perhaps space, similarly, is that which allows all possible states to occur @ once?

This type of thinking suggests everything in the universe is all inextricably connected, and from a far higher dimensional viewpoint is merely one solitary thing.

Hope you find this most beguiling.