My previous name was/is my name (jessicaabruno).

My name is Jessica A. Still live with my parents and have an fraternal twin sister as well. Live in Metro New York on New Jersey side of it USA. Born with a Neurologically based speech impairment/apraxia-dysarthria. Suffering from depression/anxiety for awhile now. Yet to reach this stage of life and etc. I'm an student of life and clerical volunteer.

Questions and suggestions

Please feel free do an external search on me (mybodymyself, jessica b, jessicaabruno) to see the rest of my past work that I did on other forums. Donít worry have since left all of those forums for this one.

What the heck has happen to another sites and forums? As for me have been on lot of them, but somehow never felt quite right on any of them. Hoping that I will feel home here and stay for good.