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Thread: United Nations reform

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    United Nations reform

    I quite like the United Nations as far as the General Assembly's concerned, and the various Commissions and Agencies.

    What I don't like, not even slightly, is the Security Council. Whether you have rotating temporary members or how many you have makes little difference, the essential idea is that there's a veto available to the permanent Security Council members. That veto, and the existence of Security Council resolutions in contrast to General Assembly resolutions, pretty much destroys any influence the General Assembly has.

    I think the United Nations would gain more respect and influence if the Security Council closed down. It has no function other than to emasculate the General Assembly.
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    Re: United Nations reform

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    I finished reading the Wikipedia Article on the UNSC. Interesting, did you contribute to it?

    I think it's time to stop viewing the world through post WWII eyes and begin a 21st century one.
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