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OK I shall admit it.........I do watch it.....not religiously........I can miss it, I don't get withdrawal symptoms if I dont see it for a whole week..........or two.

But although some of the acting is brilliant, I feel it has lost it's way........big time.
This character painted himself into a corner, there was nowhere for him to go, without getting deeper into the realms of make believe.
Same as Janine, how many husbands can one character kill and still carry on?
I reckon some of them have contracts out of sync with soap relatives that they have to write them into stupid story lines when their 'family' has moved on to new pastures.
I have to agree with that. Much Is ' same old same old'.

That's why I liked his character so much. He came In totally unknown, made a huge Impact and then bowed out just a couple of years later before his character became tired.

Michael Moon strangles Janine Butcher (2013) - YouTube