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Thread: Anti theft system bypass for a derby car

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    Anti theft system bypass for a derby car

    Hey guys! I have an issue with my demolition derby car. It is a 1997 cavalier 2.4l. I have stripped the car down and tried to start it and the anti theft system is kicking in. I have tried the reset procedure 5 times and still no luck. I was wondering if there is any simple wiring bypass procedure? The derby is in one week so I'm pretty rushed to get it running! Thank you!

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    Re: Anti theft system bypass for a derby car

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    I note this though I've no way of testing it, not many 1997 Cavs having survived given the way they tended to get treated by their owners.
    Bump the ignition so the engine just starts to crank over and release the key to the run position. Wait appx. ten minutes and see if the security light goes out. If it does cycle the ignition off for about 5 seconds . then see if the car starts . If it does then the controller is loosing its signal fron the key switch sensor. If thats the case you will need to replace the ignition lock cylinder and reprogram.

    1997 chevy cavalier theft system problem. my theft system is not making my car start, any ideas on what to do? - Yahoo! Answers
    If that has no effect we could try digging further.

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