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Thread: Asleep

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    Upon the death of her husband[Laurence Matheson, April 25, 1930 - January 12, 1987], Mr. Mathesonís widow commissioned artist Peter Shipperheyn to create this beautiful and achingly expressive sculpture, entitled Asleep, as a memorial for her departed love.

    Mount MacedonCemetery, Mount Macedon, Victoria, Australia.

    Isn't this so awesome? The figure seems so lifelike!

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    Re: Asleep

    I bet it's a bear to dust.

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    Re: Asleep

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    Love. While young I despised it, I thought it was so stupid and childish to be in love with someone, or to admire her; as a result of this pathetic attitude, whenever someone offered me their passion, I immediately rejected it with an unpleasant smile on my face. People used to think I had no feelings at all, I had no soul. Now that I am mature enough already, my greatest fear is that when I die, no one even comes to my funeral; apart from some old enemies maybe, turning up only to have fun and dance upon my grave, when the ceremony is over. Love is proud, once rejected, never comes back again. Emptiness all round. Remember about it, my young friends, before you say: "no, thanks, I don't need you and your love; and take it, please, my dustbin is already full". ... So desperately would I like to get one more chance... then she's funding a sculpture after my death, because she loved me so much that she wants the whole world to know it... to leave something ... to leave a material sign as a token of our immortal love that lasts forever and cannot be defeated ever. To honor the love; the only earthly thing of both human and divine nature...

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