I am a student from Norway, currently taking a subject called Social Entrepeneuring. I am not sure if you know the term, but in short it is entrepeneuring with a social value in focus.

Through this subject I take, I have taken an interest in the life after retirement. Many times I have been told about the fright of boredom after retirement, a fear of not being as important, or a wish not to retire at all. Of course, when one has worked one´s full hours for many years it is very much deserved, but what happens next? I know there must be a thousand perspectives on this, and that is exactly what I want to hear

Related to a project I am starting, I have a few questions I would love to get some perspectives on. There is no way I can fully understand the different aspects here on my own, still in school, so I thought best to ask

First, I would like to know a bit about your background, just to understand where your coming from. How old are you, how long have you been retired, if you are married, have some kind of family; those sorts of things.

Second, I am interested in your perspectives on the life after retirement.
- What do you fill your time with?
- Do you meet a lot of people/have a lot of friends?
- Do you see your family often?
- Are you bored?
- Are you lonely?
- Are you in lack of anything, maybe from government/family/work place?

Third and final, I am interested in your personality and resources.
- Do you have any hobbies, like cooking for instance?
- What do you think are your greatest strengths/resources?
- How would you like spending your days?
- What is your deepest wish?

I do not expect you to answer every question here, just got a little carried away by my own thougths. Write freely about the subject if you wish, I want to know everything you teach me

Thanks a lot!