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Thread: "Mayan Mayhem ... 21 December 2012 ... Armageddon Or Lesgogeddom?"

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    Re: "Mayan Mayhem ... 21 December 2012 ... Armageddon Or Lesgogeddom?"

    Quote Originally Posted by jones jones View Post
    Okay so you got a hotline to "god." Ask him this question please ... Instead of "disabling" the Mayan prediction, why'd he let them predict in the first place?
    God`s a playful God. He plays with us. He is naughty. He likes to deceive us. He loves to play hide and seek with us. He lies to us. He laughs at us. He does not want us to be too serious with this life because He knows He has a better plan for us in the next life. There is another life for us when this present life is over. We have so many lives. We are so fearful we think this is the only life we got. No, man. If you can only remember your past lives then you know there will be many lifetimes ahead of us. Look at the ants they are so busy with work. They are oblivious to whatever happens to them like when somebody steps on them. They are not afraid because they know they have countless of lives yet to come. So, why should ants worry. They`re happy.

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    Re: "Mayan Mayhem ... 21 December 2012 ... Armageddon Or Lesgogeddom?"

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    Tichniteca, The Mayan guy that made the calendar just ran out of space on the stone he was carving, and since it was so far down the road, the emperor nixed the req for a new stone to continue. He figured the budget was tight, and the price of stone was way too high, so he'd just pick up a couple more virgins, and stash the rest of the dough in his retirement account, and let the next administration worry about the calendar.

    By the time he was ousted, Tichniteca had been beheaded for fooling around with one of the virgins, and folks kinda forgot about making a new calendar stone. After the Aztecs conquered the Mayans, they were going through the old documents and stones, and found the calendar. They started harassing the Mayan captives about their calendar only being good for a few more centuries.

    The Great-Great Grandson of Tichniteca, Tommy Tehachape, had discovered the mushrooms that the ancient Mayan priests used to put in their Tacos, and after consuming a rather large quantity. He started babbling in strange languages.
    This frightened the Aztec rulers, and Monctezuma, called him to court to explain his strange behavior. He was so drifty from the 'shrooms, he had to think for a while, to come up with something.
    He noticed the old calendar, now a wall-hanging in old Monty's ballroom, and came up with a strange tale about how the calendar foretold the end of the world.
    About the time he finished his story, Coronado crashed the party, and took all the Aztecs gold and goodies.

    Tommy headed for the woods with the a bunch of the other Mayan captives because they really didn't like the Spaniels.
    Over the centuries that followed, the Mayans stayed out of the way of civilization, spending their time eating mushrooms and telling stories. One of the most popular tales around the campfire was old Tommy Tehachape's wild yarn about the calendar.

    One day some archaeologists from the museum met up with a group of Mayans. They kilt a pig and had a barbeque, and the Mayans brought mushrooms.
    during the party, the Mayans to the archaeologists Tommy's tale and the rest, as they say, is history.

    At least that's how my Uncle Patricio remembers it.
    “The reality we can put into words is never reality itself.”
    ― Werner Heisenberg
    "The trouble with people isn't that they don't know, but that they know so much that ain't so."
    - Will Rogers
    "Truth isn't Truth"
    - Rudy Giuliani

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