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Thread: The Scale of the Universe

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    Re: The Scale of the Universe

    I watched these videos this morning while I had my coffee. Very impressive! And a little mind boggling!

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    Re: The Scale of the Universe

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    I just googled "bit length of the universe" and go no hits so here's a calculation based on tabby's graphic in the opening post.

    A field 2^58 can pinpoint a universal location on any one axis down to the Planck distance, and if nothing smaller has physical significance then that's enough. We need slack added to cater for future needs so we can call it 2^64.

    We need three axes and a Time axis. Intuitively we can assign the same range to time as to distance, so that takes us to a bit length 256.

    Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle tells us that any vector information has to be held within the same data - if you know more about its speed and direction you know less about its position.

    As for the natures of the particles, we need some flags. You'd think perhaps 4 for grouping, 4 for classing, 4 for typing, 4 for major family... maybe we'd get to 44 flags for neatness to give a bit length of the universe of 300, if what we're looking at is a frozen complete model with each moment in time described.

    If what we have is a simple table to process from start to finish then the time field isn't part of the record and the bit length drops to 236. I dislike that notion, I think we should be able to browse the universe from any axis, not just forward-time.

    So if anyone wants to build a present-universe exploration vehicle to enter Wolfram's NKS, that's the field size to work with.
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