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Thread: Massive Theater Converted Into Magnificent Bookstore

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    Re: Massive Theater Converted Into Magnificent Bookstore

    They are in varying degrees of tameness. Dawn & Dusk are pretty tame, but still leery. Some are quite skittish. There's a big, fluffy orange cat with white paws who comes up to me when I go to feed them. He(?) tries to rub against my legs to hurry me up. My daughter lives next door to me and her house has a fenced yard which is gated. Through the gates, to an area about 20 feet away, under a big tree is Kim's Haven. Feeding dishes, water pans, a water hose and an abandoned cat house are here. The cats don't live here however. They come around when it's feeding time. One is an outcast and I've seen him(?) in my backyard at times. Also arriving at feeding time are 1-4 pea*c*o*c*ks (from one neighbor, who also has guinea fowl who visit) and another neighbor's little dog who is not supposed to be running loose. I think that neighbor hopes that Kim will adopt this dog as she adopted one of his about 8 years ago. Also visiting are several doves, which I feed in my yard but they don't usually show up until after the rest of the circus have gone.

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    Re: Massive Theater Converted Into Magnificent Bookstore

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    Quote Originally Posted by tabby View Post
    Kudos to your daughter, ZAP! Are the cats still mostly feral or has she been able to domesticate them by degrees?
    With the six we've adopted in Crete one is really tame, two are getting there and the other three are still wary, one very much so. We've had the five we can handle neutered but the sixth is having to wait until we get back there in April.

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