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Thread: North Korean Soldiers Ransacking Chinese fishermen

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    North Korean Soldiers Ransacking Chinese fishermen

    A fishing boat that carried 28 Chinese fishermen was captured by the North Koreans on May 8th in the west sea area. These fishermen went through beatings, blackmailing and other forms of harsh treatment and have been ransomed as well. After suffering for two weeks, the fishermen finally returned to China at Darien port.

    North Korea considers China their friends, ally and brother because China supports so much food and every day life supplies to Korea.

    But despite this seemingly friendly relationship, North Korea kidnaps these fishermen and commit all kinds of malicious activities. We can see here how desperate the North Korean people have become.

    Chinese people are furious that this happened and now their distrust and anger toward Kim Jong Un is more intense than it ever has been. Now it is doubtful whether the once strong China-North Korea relationship will last any longer.

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    Re: North Korean Soldiers Ransacking Chinese fishermen

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