Well this may not get any replies or whatever but who gives one? I LOVE POKEMON. I do. I'm an 80s baby, and grew up in the 90s. When Pokemon debuted in the states, I was but a 10 year old boy(the same as the main character). I've always since felt a special attachment to it.

Now at 23 years old, I am eagerly awaiting the next installment. Enter Pokemon Black2 White2. Its the direct sequel to last year's Pokemon Black/White. (Pokemon has a long history of naming conventions of colors). B2W2 takes place in the same world just 2 years later: Unova. The difference being here is that Pokemon from all the other regions are now just randomly cavorting about. In the original, Pikachu was not able to be caught, but being that there are 300 Pokemon to see and capture in this game alone makes me excited.

I'm not too keen on the character designs this time around, with the main boy character looking more like a Backstreet Boy wannabe and the girl...well looking like a generic girl. No oomph or pizazz. Now Gold and Silver? Those character designs had some flair!

All in all, the game will likely be the Nintendo DS's swan song so that they can usher in a next generation of 3DS software, but the reviews of the Japanese version are already out, so it looks like they are doing just fine in the gameplay department.