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Thread: More eu dross heads for broken britain the aa grumpy column

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    More eu dross heads for broken britain the aa grumpy column

    hello again
    well i only did a short column and i thought lets do something that they can get their teeth in to.
    ( you,re not doing another column are you grumps ED )
    the EU superstate takes another step closer to reallity as moldovians head across the channel and into britain.

    DESPERATE migrants in a poverty-stricken ex-Soviet state are scrambling to exploit a loophole that lets them live in Britain.
    Queues form each morning outside the Romanian consulate in the capital of Moldova, Europe’s poorest country.

    Read more: Thousands of Moldovans queue for passports to UK in Euro loophole | The Sun |News


    the simple answer for christina her brother and the rest of the moldovian nation who want to come here is p*ss off home you are not wanted and are not welcome here in britian.
    they trot out the same excuses we will do the jobs the british wont
    what jobs ??
    we dont get a look in because this foreign dross that streams across the channel will work more hours for less money making them every employers favorite because they can increase their profits.
    two faced cam moron says we need to tackle immigration yet we wont leave the EU.
    so what awaits another government (possibly labour under dead milliband )
    another 4 million EU migrants?
    will labour continue its plan to drag us kicking and screaming into the EU superstate? or what if the clueless tories take office again
    either way it doesnt look good ....... wheres me passport

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    Re: More eu dross heads for broken britain the aa grumpy column

    Quote Originally Posted by the grumps View Post
    either way it doesnt look good ....... wheres me passport
    No worries we can all have a whip round and get you a new one.
    Where did you want to go ? we don't tell them.
    I thought I knew more than this until I opened my mouth

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    Re: More eu dross heads for broken britain the aa grumpy column

    There's a vacancy in the immigration department, one of those meet and greet positions as new arrivals land at the airport. I've send the grumps curriculum vitae for their consideration.

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    Re: More eu dross heads for broken britain the aa grumpy column

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    Our local grocer just got taken over by the folks from India who run several rinky dink corner grocer stops in the area. You know, those folks that you always found working in the gas stations and convenience stores. The owners wife and daughter worked as housekeeping staff at a chain hotel out on the interstate. I think the daughter still does. Very nice folks.

    By contrast, local kids think it is beneath them even to work at McDonald's and burger king.

    And everyone likes to complain about 'those folks' coming in and taking our jobs.

    Fact is they aren't taking anything we aren't handing off, IMO. And I'd rather my daughter watch their work ethic than a lot of her friends folks.
    I expressly forbid the use of any of my posts anywhere outside of FG (with the exception of the incredibly witty 'get a room already' )posted recently.
    Folks who'd like to copy my intellectual work should expect to pay me for it.

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