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Thread: The oppressed desires of North Korean youths

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    The oppressed desires of North Korean youths

    Last September, university students at Wonsan were cuaght collectively watching Korean drama and using South Korean standard language. This led to the North Korean authorities to strengthen censorship of impure elements, and foreign medias in the China-North Korean border regions. Korea and US media contents are very appealing even to the brainwashed North Korean youths.

    As computers and internet is spreading within North Korea, games, drama, and other media contents are being imported into North Korea. And many North Koreans have already indirectly experienced South Korean culture. On the 7th, Kim Jong-un has ordered to launch a crackdown on censoring Korean wave cultures at the State Security Department. Does Kim Jong-un really think that he can block off foreign media contents physically in the 21st century?

    (北 "한류문화 차단하라!"…또다시 대대* 검열 - 노컷뉴스)

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    Re: The oppressed desires of North Korean youths

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    That's the problem with a dictatorship. If you don't control every single piece of information, people will find out how unhappy they are compared to everyone else. I foresee that North Korea's days are numbered as a fascist state. I'm just hoping they don't go out with a bang.

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