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Thread: how u can't have one pet!!

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    Red face how u can't have one pet!!

    seems like it when you first bring that first bundle of fur. the first nite is pretty rough for u and the baby. so on goes the crying or wining. when being so slept deprived. u can have a magical idea!! a friend!! then my baby will be more quiet. and i will get some well needed sleep. well u bring home the furry friend. at first thsi is uneasy for all of u. then ahhh u think SLEEP. that is when all baby ROAD RICES begain!!. under the bed, up the side of bed. to do hand or paw to paw contact. which is amuseing but it is 3am!! well still lack of sleep your daughter brings home. this DIRTY little thing. that has not had a meal in a week. the child appourches u with these eyes. that a begger child would have from Oliver. So it goes on. u loose count. like myself, u add up 8 dogs and 7 cats. how did this get so out of hand??? very simple. in the heart of a true animal lover or the sad eyes of child. the word no vanshes. never be heard from or seen again!!!
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