hi and welcome along to another AA grumpy column
and with bonfire night around the corner and another party here at grumpy towers which my dom perignon 58 being seriously depleted (thanks to the editor ) its about time for another column.
and tonight its about that old tv chestnut corrie street and another cull designed to cut costs and freshen up the series.
by the way i,ve posted this in its entirety as its only a short news item.

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TEN top characters are in the firing line in the latest Corrie cull.
Faves Karl Munro, Marcus Dent, Izzy Armstrong, Rob Donovan and Mandy Kamara are among those on a hit list drawn up by show bosses.
They will follow Sunita Alahan — whose exit was announced earlier this week — in a bid to freshen up the long-running soap.
An insider said: “Executives have a hit list and want to cut the cast by ten — these five are the first in the firing line.
“It is partly down to cost cutting, but partly a feeling that some characters have run their course. The actors aren’t aware.”
Corrie executive producer Phil Collinson — dubbed The Axeman for previous culls — is leaving in January, to be replaced by Emmerdale boss Stuart Blackburn.
Some characters earmarked for the chop have big storylines coming up, but insiders say they will go when they are completed.
Gay Marcus Dent, played by Charlie Condou, becomes besotted with pal Maria and gets her pregnant. Karl (John Michie) has been seeing Sunita (Shobna Gulati) but will stalk ex-love Stella. Izzy (Cherylee Houston) is currently involved in a surrogacy plot.
Meanwhile, Rob (Marc Bayliss) is Carla’s brother and Mandy (Pamela Nomvete) only joined in September on a short-term contract. A Corrie spokesman said storylines would be discussed in January.

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as i said at the begining of this column old that corrie chestnut
isnt it time to axe the whole series christ on a bike!! its been on twice a week for is it 40 or 50 years
(now now no swearing grumpy ED)
or if they do have to axe stars ken and dreardrie would get the chop along with steve mac donut just axe the highest paid stars.
personally corrie has run its course and how they keep finding story lines for it baffles me with the boss is being replaced by emmerdale boss stewart blackburn which is another old chestnut that i remember as a child as emmerdale farm and im 47 years old so emmerdale must have been going just as long as corrie.
surely itv can find something else to put on and do away with these long in the tooth soaps? and give value for money to the viewer like ATV did when they axed crossroads even that annoying neighbours and home and away has gone.
as long as it isnt replaced with repeats of the jeremey kyle show which should be consigned to the manchester dustbins with corrie and emmerdale.