The First Ones arrived eons ago and they colonised earth. These are the gods written about by the ancients. This is what they taught about arriving and leaving.

On Leaving: This is what they had to say: If the leaving (death) is expected and peaceful, there will be ample time for you to linger among those gathered about your soon to be abandoned host (body.) This is a time of great sorrow for those who will remain and tears of grief will flow.

Men of science will argue long and hard about when death actually occurs; some saying it is when the brain no longer functions and others when the heart stops beating. Both are correct and both are incorrect. Death only occurs when the life force (soul) leaves its host and it does so when either the heart stops beating permanently, causing the host to begin to decay, or when the brain dies causing the life force to become dysfunctional.

So when either of these two occurs, the life force leaves its host. Now once this happens and the life force is disconnected from an operating brain, all memories of this last life are deleted. So even if your life force were to remain hovering above your inoperative host, it would not be able to recognise it or those gathered about it. In fact such an atmosphere of grief and mourning would be enough to quickly drive the life force from the scene.

On Arriving: All that exists now is a Chain of Worlds or a series of dimensions in which any life force without a host may remain for as long as it chooses. Some refer to these dimensions as links in the Chain of Worlds and it is in the first link that all life forces without a host find themselves for the first time. Here they are met by the Egregori (The Watchers) the Life Forces who for their own reasons have chosen not to reincarnate. They remain in the first link known as the “dimension without form” and offer advice and assistance to all newcomers when requested. They are often erroneously referred to as angels.

These Egregori approach the lost ones in much the same manner that people did when your life force had a form. Some openly, some shyly and some with smiles and gestures. They will if asked, direct you to any of the many different links in the so called spirit world – seven in all, but only six may be accessed. You may move about freely in the six links without hindrance and if you choose not to reincarnate and do not wish to be one of the Egregori, you may remain there forever, but always without form.

The seventh link or dimension is where the First Ones exist and you will only be able to visit this link if you are invited. Here you may speak with the First Ones on any subject of your choice, only nothing of what you see or hear will be remembered, simply because without a physical brain there can be no memory.

You may ask the Egregori about where you were before you arrived in the Chain of Worlds and you may watch every day of your previous life, if you have the time and the courage. Yet you will remember nothing – it will be like watching the life of a complete stranger. Boring! You can even watch your own funeral service and cremation or burial but again, it will make no sense to you.

You may travel anywhere between the sixth link, the oldest and the first as many times as you wish. However once you leave the “dimension without form,” and return to an inhabited planet, you must reincarnate as there is no turning back and no return to The Chain of Worlds.

So deciding to reincarnate and actually choosing a new host can be rather complicated. While our life force is within its host, in other words while we are alive, we often state: “In my next life I am going to make sure I am reincarnated into a very rich and famous family.” This of course is impossible simply because when you “die” your life force is no longer connected to a physical brain so you have no memory of your previous life.

All life forces, with a very few exception, have a burning desire to reincarnate into a form similar to the last one they occupied. This urges them on to seek out a host, without any thought of wealth or standing simply because they cannot tell the difference between rich or poor.

So when you choose to leave the link without form you may not return – you must either enter a new host and reincarnate or you remain without form for eternity.

© Jones Jones 2012.