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Thread: World's Most Dangerous Ride

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    Re: World's Most Dangerous Ride

    Quote Originally Posted by Patsy Warnick View Post
    There's a road in Maui - it's the road to Hana - it's very popular

    it's a road from hell - forget Hana - don't go

    That thin thin narrow road is shared for 2 way traffic - mirrors have to be pulled in.

    We had to laugh - it's the first time we'd seen - speed limit sign reads 5 m.p.h

    Never again


    YZGI - your not much of a dare devil are ya ???
    You'd be surprised. Didn't I mention my Indiana Jones hat?

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    Re: World's Most Dangerous Ride

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    The closest thing I experienced like that was when my dad installed suspension lift kit on our pickup truck and went off-roading with it.

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