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Thread: Common web design mistakes

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    Common web design mistakes

    Quality websites create a positive impression on the visitors. Such websites get a higher amount of traffic and online business. These websites manage to create a very good initial impression with the help of appealing and user-friendly web designs. The time that you get to leave this impression is just a few seconds.
    Those who are not an expert in web designing can approach a web design firm to get the needed <Advert removed by moderator>.
    You should approach only an experienced web design firm to design your website. Lack of proper experience in web designing will create bad web designs that may tarnish your impression before the users.
    Here a few common web design mistakes made that you have to avoid.
    • Websites which are slower are not appreciated by the visitors. Your website should download fast, or else the visitors won’t stay long and may go to the website of your competitor.
    • The layout of the webpage should not be cluttered and the navigation links should not be placed in scattered manner. They should be placed in an organized way.
    • The web content should be free from typing and grammatical errors. The content for the webpage should be placed in a proper format; neither too big, nor too small. It can be broken down to paragraphs, with the needed bullet points and sub headings.
    • Give adequate importance to the white space on the web page.
    • The colors which are used should be pleasing to the eye.
    • Don’t install any built in music arrangement which cannot be controlled by the visitor. The website should have buttons to control the music.
    • Avoid poor layouts that take away the beauty of the website.
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