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Thread: Glastonbury

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    Re: Glastonbury

    Quote Originally Posted by spot View Post
    Kylie seems to have had the set of a lifetime this year, which is very pleasing.

    Kylie Minogue's tears of joy as she finally plays Glastonbury

    The BBC's reporter was blatantly smitten.
    Everyone seems smitten by Kylie. I thought her singing was terrible most of the time, she was singing over her tracks. It was entertaining though and I'm glad she got to do it after all the turmoil of 2005. Shame Chris Martin didn't have a mike.

    I enjoyed the people who proved they could sing live, Lewis Capaldi and Miley Cyrus are two I've seen so far.

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    Thumbs down Re: Glastonbury

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruv View Post
    Have any of you Brits been catching any of Glastonbury on the TV ?

    I had to see The Stones last night, sorry to be so contrary, I do like their music,but have never enjoyed 'watching' Jagger, I can listen and enjoy but find him irritating to watch, and he was doubly annoying last night.
    I have to admit he is agile and stuff.............for his age, but should they still belt out the same old stuff live that they used to, in the same way they used to ?

    Today I saw Public Image Ltd .....John Lydon a really irritating bloke at the best of times, and I enjoyed him.

    A performer a few years older than Jagger blew me away today, just sitting and singing just a few of his massive cataloque of songs, Kenny I am not ageist.

    I wonder if I should put Glastonbury on my bucket list ?
    With all of the talent of The Beatles (with an "a") and the magnificence of Gerry Marsden I could never - not even in the day - see how anyone could find anything of worth in The Rolling Stones. And when you've witness the nose-picking (or was it The Who?) ....... well!

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