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Thread: Holiday Vacation Packing List

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    Holiday Vacation Packing List

    Hello everyone, Me and my family are planning for new year vacation. I just packed only dresses, personal items and toiletries, medications, camping tents as well as attached mosquito net etc., Do i forget anything to pack...??
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    Re: Holiday Vacation Packing List

    water. elephant repellent.

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    Re: Holiday Vacation Packing List

    Hello phiferindia. I don't know what you would normally take on a camping trip, but I would always make sure I had waterproof clothing and a towel. I don't know where you are in India so don't know what your climate is, though remembering that it can be quite chilly in New Delhi at this time of year I'm guessing you are further south than that. Maybe waterproofs are unnecessary. But a towel is much more useful than you might expect: It can be a blanket, a pillow, a sunshade, or a shawl as well as its main function and it can pack up small.

    Hope you have a great time!
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    Re: Holiday Vacation Packing List

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    I think that ClodHopper has a better suggestion on Items to carry along on a long trip

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