Over the last twenty years or so an insidious cancer has swept through this country and sort of explains the gap between the ultra rich and the very poor.

Once upon a time there was the government employment agency 'CES' it ultimately faded out and 'job agencies' began popping up. This employment agencies 'help' find you a job. but there is something more to it than that.

What happens now is a large company will ask for a certain amount of workers at say .$100 an hour rate. The agency employs you to go work for the company at $43 an hour. Where's all the other money gone? You don't actually work for the company that you are physically working for............you work for the job agency. Now, under our laws a company has to contribute to your superannuation ... and then there's tax. Guess what your'e paying tax on? yep that $100 an hour rate....your wage now depletes to $21 an hour.

The fat cats pay each other and you are left with pitance. do I have proof? yep my own wage . Employed by a job agency that was paying me $23.90 and hour. well my boss showed me what the company was actually paying for me........$67 an hour. I couldn't figure out how the hell I was paying so much tax ont he low wage I was getting. ............then the other day I was told by a friend that a company was paying Transfield....(another employment/services agency) $163 and hour for him.......he was receiving $54 an hour. 13 days straight one day off and no loading for the weekends.but his tax was over the top.

So in essence you have companies paying other big fat companies for workers and the workers are being duped.

Then ............you have a prime minister who comes out and says "Australians are being payed too much" and the minimum wage should be lowered.............ummmmmmmm? Idiot.