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It's really disingenuous to blame the media for the histrocity of the BNP and its roots in the National front. That fact that the members of this organisation changed tack, smartened themselves up to make themselves seem more electable, doesnt detract from the direction and aims of their politics. That doesnt seem to have changed from the old days of the NF.

Thats where the blame lies
Nearly every government and politician has sleeze, fraud, double dealings, Illegal wars. Quango's etc against them.
Nick Griffin has remained stoic throughout the last 35 years. People may not agree with his policies but I've yet to see him caught out lying or doing a U turn.
Griffin Is what It says on the tin. I'd be more cautious of Farge for being an unknown quantity.
The media have played a huge part In the BNP and the refusal to give Griffin air time. Most of that blame lies with the libelous New Of The World who are now getting their just deserts.
Do you think for example the timing of rewriting the Equality laws was just a co-incidence? Or maybe, just In time for the general election In the belief that Griffin would fight It all the way to the EU courts using up party funds In legal fee's leaving him unable to stand candidates In every ward?