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And so once again I have served my time. At approximately 3.08 in my part of the globe … 2.08 Greenwich Mean Time I was paroled. (Jj stretches his arms and flexes his muscles, his hard, tanned six-pack glistening in the firelight.) So good to be a free man again!

I have had time to read and analyze the posts on Hope’s thread “What the Heck’s going on Here?” Took me a while because I have at one time or another interacted with most of the members who replied to the thread. I had to like cast my mind back to remind myself of how I pleased those who supported me and how I displeased those who did not.

I joined Forum Garden way back when at a time when I was an Internet virgin like I guess we all were once. I made many mistakes, I made many apologies, I was banned many times, and I made many apologies again.

I tried to bring a fresh approach to the Garden, especially at times when I believed, rightly or wrongly, that this Discussion Forum was falling by the wayside. The way I expressed myself gained me many followers, mostly of the fairer sex and many detractors, mostly of the opposite sex. I make no apology for this as I know for a fact that I brought a modicum of pleasure & happiness to many who were unloved and unappreciated. I tried my best to post Threads that were original, interesting and discussion worthy. In this respect I believe I succeeded more than I failed.

One of the first members I became friends with was Hope6 whom I christened “My Southern Belle.” We had our ups and downs during our often tempestuous online relationship, yet we have remained friends ever since. We have a sort of “can’t get on together but can’t bear to be apart” affair. She remains one of my best online friends and I am sure she thinks the same of me.

Dear Oscar … she and I are so alike that we often have our online tiffs, simply because opposites attract and our personalities are too alike. Yet because she is such a fair lady who detests hypocrisy, she almost always comes to my aid and supports me whenever she believes I am being unfairly treated.

Annie and Gilly … well they have been my online friends through all my trials and tribulations, scolding me when I’ve done wrong but standing by me when push came to shove … United we stand.

Ms Boop has made her feelings known on this thread in no uncertain manner. Despite the fact that she has posted only negatively about me, I certainly bear her no ill will. I treasure the times in the past when we spoke to each other as friends and sometimes shared the odd joke and trivial stuff. Personally I still believe that my thread “Betty Boop” was more a celebration of a lovely lady than an attempt to lure her into my no-existent “harem.” I shall ensure that in future mentioning her name on Forum Garden will be taboo.

I have left mentioning Lady J for last. I doubt FG realises what an asset she is to the Forums. She is an intelligent, wonderful lady who has to be really pushed to the edge before she would ever “bad mouth” anyone. She and I have a very special friendship and she fiercely defends me against all comers, but when I am wrong she tells me so in no uncertain manner. She is a gem among gems.

Lastly, I want to apologise to any FG member or guest who was offended by my thread in which I unfortunately “lost it” and used language unbecoming to a gentleman.

Merci beaucoup.

As always....well said.